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Cigar Review: Liga Privada MF-13 (Pre-Release)

The MF13 is a very good looking cigar. The wrapper is a beautiful milk chocolate brown with only small veins present and overall shows quality craftsmanship. The cigar gives just enough and the cap came off with no issues.

Pre Light: Upon the first few dry puffs, I tasted cedar, hay and a dry cocoa, (like what you would smell when you open up a hot chocolate packet). The cigar had a great draw and gave just enough resistance.

First Third: To my surprise, there wasn’t much spice in the beginning. It began very smooth and rich with the cedar coming to the forefront and bitter chocolate remaining on the palate. Notes of leather and earth came and went while the cedar and chocolate remained consistent. The ash was still holding on at this point and the cigar is medium-full bodied at this point.

Second third: This is where some of the spiciness came in. As I entered the first third, the earthy notes have faded along with the cedar but the chocolate and leather have remained. There is some spiciness, almost a white pepper, that comes and goes throughout; just enough to be noticeable but not overbearing. The first ash fell about halfway through the cigar, the draw is still great and the cigar is beginning to ramp up in body.

Final third: I was expecting the spice to really ramp up at this point, but it remained mild until the end. Some of the flavors from the first third came back, such as the cedar and earth. The chocolate has gone from a sweeter flavor to a more dark chocolate at this point and the leather has remained. I also tasted coffee and almonds, more like roasted almonds on the retrohale from time to time on the final third. The ash had fallen again as I entered the last third, the draw remained perfect and the body stayed at medium-full. It finished very nicely and was certainly a pleasure.

Altogether, it was a great cigar! You can tell that it had some age on it (about 3 years) as the flavors were more subtle than most of the Liga Privadas and very well balanced. It reminded me more of the T52 than it did the UF-13 because of the balance of flavors and reserve of strength. It would be difficult to give this a rating as it is entirely subjective and it is not a cigar that is readily available anywhere. I did, however, enjoy it immensely and I would love to find another one to smoke again.





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