Cigar Review : Man O’ War Puro Authentico

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Cigar Review : Man O’ War Puro Authentico

Size: 5 x 42 ( Corona )
Wrapper: Habano Ligero grown in Esteli Nicaragua
Binder and Filler: Nicarguan
Strength: Full
Price: ~ $6.00 each

Man O War Puro Authentico

Behind The Stick:

If you are not familiar with my personal tastes – then I will give you all a little ‘insight’. I am a big fan of the cigars produced by AJ Fernandez – From the Man O’ War to the San Lotano, I find myself gravitating to his cigars more and more often. That being said – the Man O’ War Puro Authentico has been reported as being “AJ’s own personal go to smoke” so naturally, if I like his other cigars I have to try the cigar that he totes as his personal favorite! Being in a smaller size ( Corona at 5 x 42 ) this cigar also fits into my ‘robusto or less’ preferred vitola. Trying not to let the cat out of the bag too soon – onto the damn review!

Man O War Puro Authentico foot


There is something about an unfinished foot that just does something for me – invariably I find myself enjoying them… coincidence or a predisposed expectation? Either way – this cigar is evenly packed ( maybe even on the rock hard side of things ) from head to foot and does not show any type of give near the end. The dark, almost toothy wrapper looks as if it is stretched from all the tobacco inside, the oils not nearly as visible as the veins running through it. The simple black band that displays the golden image of the Spartan warrior does little to explain what the cigar is ( took me almost 20 minutes to find the name of the damn thing ) but adds a piece of ‘you already know’ factor. I like it.

Man O War Puro Authentico


There is not a level of “well I wonder what the flavors are” with this one – right from the start the shaggy foot helps to evenly light this sucker which started producing huge volumes of smoke – aiding in the flavor and ‘cool factor’ of this corona. Leather, leather and more leather runs the driving force of this cigar with a bit of spice ( not ‘heat’ but like a black pepper kick ) that was especially noticeable on the retrohale. Earth, hints of espresso and maybe even a dark floral note from time to time but as I said – the driving force of this cigar is a rich and pleasant leather mix from start to finish.

Man O War Puro Authentico


They got me at the shaggy foot and then to add a pig tail cap – thats just like adding sprinkles to an ice cream.. making a good thing even better. That being said – the cigar was constructed very well, clipped easily, lit even easier and did not require any touch ups or ‘watching’ of any type. I love the smaller sized cigars – robusto’s and coronas just fit my personal preference and this cigar – although small – never got warm even though I do have a tendency to smoke a bit too fast.

Now – the negatives are right along side the good… being a smaller cigar and a MSRP of over $6 usd each they are not ‘expensive’ but your also paying 6 dollars for less than an hour delivery. The flavors – while very rich, pleasant and enjoyable – are not as complex as a few other cigars in the price range. This does not make them bad – hell I am about to pull the trigger on a box of these for myself – but don’t walk into it thinking your going to add this to your ‘wow’ cigar list but more the ‘damn – this is actually really good’ list.

If you have had a chance to try the Man O’ War Puro Authentico please let me know what you thought – if not, I highly recommend going out and picking up at least a pair and give them a shot – or if you are like me, I’m about to pull the trigger on a box because I like them that much.

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