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Cigar Review : Man O’ War Side Project 52-C

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5 x 52

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Ligero

Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Full

Price: ~ $9.00 USD/Ea


Behind The Smoke:

No matter what cigar you may think of, there is a story behind it and the Man O’ War company is no different. Seeming to have a perfect Spartan warrior and Roman feel to their theme, the Ruination, Little Devil and even the Puro Authentico have their own backstories. The “Side Project 52-C” on the other hand is part of the Little Devil “series” that is a CI exclusive and was received as more of a budget smoke with a high price. There has been little to no discussion on the history – no fun ‘stories’ or twists and turns of fate that brought this cigar to market aside – Just a chisel shaped cigar from a well respected company. Mildly bothersome as with a great name “Side Project” and a Series number, I would have liked to hear more! Onto the damn review!



I have always felt the construction of any Man O’ War cigar has lived up to its price tag. Anything over $6 or $7 a single and I start to nit pick on just about everything – not because I want to be ‘that guy’ but because when you are spending that kind of money vs a $2 to $5 smoke you expect a certain level of quality. Evenly packed from head to foot, this chisel shaped cigar clipped easily and took to flame without hesitation. The draw was open with a slight amount of resistance and
produced a copious amount of smoke.



The manufacturer reports this cigar as being “Full body with notes of oak and spice that lingers on your palate” and while many times I love to pick apart the very well written descriptions – they nailed it. While very short and to the point, this cigar started out seemingly void of any flavor and slowly built up an oaky background that waved in and out with this subtle ‘cooking’ spice sensation. While very enjoyable, the flavors were so muted it was difficult to pick up anything aside from these two generic flavor notes.



I am a big fan of many cigars that are produced by Man O’ War but for whatever reason, the Side Project 52-C just did not do it for me. While the flavors were enjoyable and the smoke very volominous there just seemed to be something ‘missing’. I know I should know always judge a cigar by the MSRP but when a cigar is just south of $10 a pop, there is a certain level of delivery that is expected. For me – the flavors were so muted I felt as if I were not smoking a full body, full
flavor cigar at all. The chisel shape is ‘fun’ but felt acward while taking puffs.


If you are looking for a cigar that has that unique, hard to find, limited run feel with a sub $10 price then the Man O’ War Side Project 52-C may be perfect for you. I would not expect a flavor bomb, a ‘wow’ cigar experience or a cigar that will make you throw out those ‘special’ cigars though. If these were in the 5 to 6 dollar range, I can see them becoming a bit more popular but at this price, would only have a single or a 5 pack to try first.

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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  1. I also thought this one could have packed a little more punch, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

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