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Cigar Review: Maya Selva Flor de Selva

The Flor de Selva from Maya Selva is a new comer to the American market but has been a staple in the European humidor for years. The Maya Selva brand has been sold throughout Europe for almost 20 years, with many honors and highly rated cigars. Recently the S.A.G. Group brought Maya Selva to the American market and they have taken the United States by storm. Recently Maya Selva hired Gabriel Alvarez, previously of Kuuts Cigars, to take over management in the American market.

I was recently able to ask a few question of Gabriel about Maya Selva coming to the American Market and the palate of the American cigar smoker versus the European smoker.

The only problem, which wasn’t really a problem, was setting up shop in the U.S. and basically starting from scratch introducing a company with a 20 year history to a new audience that was

barely aware of our existence. It’s an exciting task to educate smokers nationwide on the difference between flavor and body. Our cigars are more classical in the sense of balance of both flavor and body. We want you to enjoy the experience rather than to shock your palate with a full body cigar. Our cigars are very flavorful and yet have body as well. That is the experience we want you to enjoy at any time of the day. -Gabriel Alvarez

Vitolas: The Flor de Selva is available in a very large variety of vitolas, not all of which are available in the U.S. market. The interesting thing about each vitola is that they are all individually blended to the specific size. The vitolas are also not blended to have a uniform flavor profile through each vitola. For this review I smoked the 4 3/4×50 robusto.

Blend: Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut from Talanga, Honduras

Binder: Jamastran Habano

Filler: Honduran viso and ligero


Appearance: The Flor de Selva robusto had a very smooth Connecticut wrapper, solid feel throughout, with no issues noticeable.

Pre-Light: The pre-light draw on the Flor de Selva has some mild spice with a nice woody note on the nose, very nice cedar notes.

1st Third: The first third of the Flor De Selva robusto opens with a surprise of pepper and mild cedar notes. The pepper is not a harsh or over powering pepper but give a nice dimension to the cedar.

2nd Third: In the second third the cedar notes really pick up on the Flor de Selva. The cigar also begins to show a very creamy quality all while still giving the same pepper notes from the first third.

Last Third: The last third of the cigar was pretty much a continuation of the second. The last third never became hot or squishy. This was a real testament to the quality put into this line.

Construction: (A+) There were no flaws in the construction of the Flor de Selva. The cigar burned smoothly to the nub, never getting hot.

Burn: (A+) The burn of the Flor de Selva was perfect, nice and sharp throughout with no touch ups needed.

Final Assessment: I am really a fan of these full flavor cigars that are coming from Europe to our market. I believe fully in flavor over strength which is exactly what you get with the Flor de Selva. This cigar is an amazing mild cigar with flavors to boot. This is a Connecticut that can stand up as a later in the day smoke.

Rating: (BOX WORTHY) This cigar has the flavors and performance that make it very easy for me to rate it worthy of owning a box!

Brandon K.

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