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Cigar Review: Miami Cigar & Co. Añoranza

Today I smoked the Añoranza by Nestor Miranda’s Miami Cigar & Co. The Añoranza is a chocolate brown Nicaraguan Habano oscuro wrapper over a Nicaraguan double binder and Nicaraguan fillers. Miami Cigar released the Añoranza in 2011 and it complements their other lines very well, Miami Cigar is also the United States distributor for La Aurora.

The Añoranza is available in four vitolas; the 5×50 Robusto, 5×52 Toro, 6.5×54 Belicoso, and the 6×60 Gran Toro. The cigar features a gorgeous white and green band with gold accents that really sets this cigar off. Miami Cigar has packaged this cigar in 10 and 20 count boxes for retail, a very smart move as the 10 count really seem to fly off the shelves in some shops and makes a box purchase more affordable for the budget conscious buyer.

I smoked the Toro for today’s review. As I inspected the cigar I found there to be no imperfections in the wrapper, the veins were smooth. No soft spots were noticed and the the cigar seemed well rolled. The cigar had a very slight box press to it. On the pre-light I noticed cinnamon and earthy tobacco noted on the foot.

After I clipped the cigar and toasted it I immediately got a chocolate flavor, not a cocoa but a very distinct chocolate bar like quality. There was also a nice earthy tobacco flavor present that blended well. The first third was very enjoyable with a fairly nice amount of smoke production and a nice medium strength.

The second third continued to give some of the chocolate from the first but quickly transitioned to have a nice mild spice that lingered on the palate and just a touch of leather. Toward the end of the middle third I began to pick up an earthy mineral note that I actually found to be quiet nice. The cigar continued to burn well at this point even after I set it down for several minutes and had to relight it. There were no harsh flavors and after a quick purge it was business as usual for the Añoranza.

As I progressed into the home stretch the cigar poured flavors of deep rich tobacco, very well aged and flavorful tobacco. The strength of the cigar really began to pick up and moved to a medium-full, not over powering, but it let you know it was there. The only down fall of the final third was the burn, the burn line became very uneven and did not respond well to a few touch ups, although even with the touch ups the cigar did not become harsh or burn too hot. I attrubute this to quality filler tobaccos and good rolling.

I found the Añoranza to be a very enjoyable cigar that I would suggest smoking later in the day, or even in the evening after a meal. The strength can be quiet sneaky and may creep up on a empty stomach. I give the construction an A but have to rate the burn a B due to the last third. This is a cigar that I would want to keep on hand and in the rotation so I rate it a FIVER, the 10 count boxes may make it box worthy for some but I’m sticking with a fiver. You can pick these up for +/- $7.50 which is a great price point in my opinion. Miami Cigar & Co. did well with this one!

-Brandon K.

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  1. Arless

    I have always wondered why these have not garnered more attention. They are, as you noted, a very nice smoke at a good price point.

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