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Cigar Review: Nat Sherman Epoca

In 2014 Nat Sherman continued with it’s recent reputation for releasing quality cigars with the Epoca. The Epoca is a re-release of the original line from Nat Sherman. The Epoca was initial brought out around 1930 by the New York City cigar company. The original Epoca also featured Cuban tobacco, obviously the “new” Epoca does not. Like most recent Nat Sherman releases, the Epoca is manufactured by the Quesada Family in the Dominican Republic. The original Epoca featured a Clear Havana wrapper, today the modern version is an Ecuadorian Connecticut. The cigar may not be the original, but it certainly features all the class and nostalgia that defines Nat Sherman.

Vitolas: The Nat Sherman Epoca is available in the following vitolas; Breva 5 x 42, Admiral 5 x 50, Prince 6 x 50, Senator 6 x 56, Knickerbocker 7 x 48, Perfecto 5 3/4 x 52. All vitolas come in 20 count boxes ranging from $7.50 to $11.00 per cigar.

Blend: Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican & Nicaraguan

Appearance: The Nat Sherman Epoca features a somewhat rustic looking natural colored wrapper. The cigar seems to be packed well with no soft spots. The band is a very traditional looking band with red, white and gold all giving a very elegant look and classic feel.

Pre-Light: To the nose, the wrapper gives of nice floral notes with a tobacco sweetness on the foot. The cold draw was very easy with more of the tobacco flavors and sweetness.

1st Third: The Epoca begins with some red pepper and some of those floral notes from the wrapper. I also notice an earthy sweetness in the first part of the cigar. Toward the last part of the 1st third I begin to notice a bit of cinnamon coming through.

2nd Third: The second third of the Epoca is much the same as the first third, the only real change I notice is that the pepper notes are dialed back.


Last Third: As the Epoca moved into the last third I began to get a bit more cream and cinnamon flavors. The Epoca finishes with this profile, very smooth and easy to smoke.

Construction: I noticed no construction issues at all with the Nat Sherman Epoca, it performed very well and finished with a cool nub and smooth cool smoke.

Burn: The burn of the Epoca was nearly perfect, I had to do no touch ups.

Final Assessment: Overall the Epoca was a very enjoyable cigar. This is a quintessential morning cigar. There are good flavors, a smooth profile, and a nice mild strength. This is a cigar that I think a seasoned cigar smoker can enjoy as well a a great introductory cigar for a new smoker. As always with Nat Sherman I could really feel the class of this cigar as well as the work that went into it.


-Brandon K.

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