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Cigar Review: ONE13 Prelude Natural Lonsdale

ONE13 is a San Antonio, Texas based cigar company founded by two friends who share a passion for cigars, a respect for the industry and the same birthday, (January 13th). ONE13 issued a press release regarding its name, in which they stated:

“ONE13 represents a new life, not only the birth date they both happen to share January 13th, but the birth of this new chapter in their lives.”

ONE13 currently has two blends, a Natural, which was released late 2013, and a Maduro, which was released early 2014. They are also working on a new blend which we can expect to learn more about later this month.

Year of Production: 2013

Vitola: Lonsdale (6×42)


Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

one13 cigars prelude natural review

Appearance: The cinnamon brown wrapper is fairly smooth with only minor veins present along with a nice bit of tooth and the closed foot and the pigtail cap are beautifully done.

Pre Light: There is a sweet, honey aroma off the wrapper and the cold draw provides notes of hay, fig and cedar.

First Third: The first few puffs give off a prominent oak flavor along with some green peppercorn. After I get about a half inch in, the oak dies down a bit and I am presented with notes of cashew, oats and tobacco with a subtle espresso on the short finish. The ONE13 Prelude Natural sits at a medium body, requires no touchups and holds a solid ash during the first third.

Second Third: As I enter the second third of the ONE13 Prelude Natural, I am revisited by the oak and green peppercorn notes I found in the first third and the cashew note becomes very prominent at the halfway mark. Cocoa presents itself on the finish along with an indistinct mineral note. The ONE13 Prelude Natural remains at a medium body during the second third and no touchups are required.

Final Third: The final third of the ONE13 Prelude Natural is rather unique in that the sweeter notes which were more subtle during the first and second third become more prominent in the final third; this is likely due to the use of Ecuadorian Sumatra tobacco for the wrapper. I am pleased to find notes of pear and bittersweet chocolate accompanying the cashew and espresso during the final third with a hint of cinnamon left on the lips.

Closing Thoughts: Throughout the cigar, the prominence of oak has oscillated, which brought an interesting dynamic to both the flavor and body of the cigar. At some points, oak was very subtle and played a minor role in the flavor profile acting simply as a supporting flavor; at other points, oak was very prominent and forced many of the other notes to support its bold flavor. It was not until the very end, the “nub,” that the oak truly overwhelmed the other flavors. Another thing I noticed about the ONE13 Prelude Natural was that it had a few “core” flavors, such as cashew and espresso, which alternated throughout the cigar; appearing at one point, disappearing and then reappearing again later. Although it is not unusual for a cigar to be so complex, I did find its dynamicity captivating.

The ONE13 Prelude Natural remained consistently medium bodied, never required any touchups and produced a cool pleasant smoke until the very end.

In all, the ONE13 Prelude Natural was one hell of an interesting cigar to enjoy. I wasn’t quite blown away by the flavors, but I was certainly blown away by the way the flavors presented themselves in the cigar. It was one of those cigars that made you sit back after smoking and reflect on for a moment.

One13 Prelude Natural Lonsdale  3


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