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Cigar Review : Padilla Miami Lancero Review




Origin : USA
Format : Lancero
Size : 7 ½ x 42
Wrapper : Nicaragua
Filler : Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Price : $14 each



When first looking at it, it is flawless on the outside. Although it has almost a closed foot, the dry draw has a very good flow. The foot was very difficult to light as some closed foot sticks are. I toasted the fuck out of the foot, so i would get a good burn and not playing the angle guessing game of the burn. The construction was impressive and one of the best i have come across!

The initial draw was smooth with tons of sweet floral notes. There is a woody, cedar hint going on underneath the floral qualities, very unique and had my taste buds rocking!
While finishing off the 1st third the body is definitely medium+, but the flavor is full and doesn’t seem to let up.
Reaching the halfway point of this cigar now, and the flavor has not changed much but the body is more full bodied.
The last half brings on a army of sweet, cedar, floral, and oak flavors. The increase and new flavors is a  nice change from the straight forward flavors for most of the first half. All in all, a great finish.




Overall Rating:This is definitely a box worthy purchase, even at its current price tag, because of the army of flavors! only thing i wish is that it would have given more hint of it from the get go .



Jared E

Jared E.







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