Cigar Review: Room 101 and Smoke Inn – Big Delicious

The Cigar Nut

Size: 6.25 x 42-54 Torpedo
Wrapper: High Grade Habano 2000
Binder and Filler: Brazil, Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua
Strength: Full
Price: ~ $9.00 each

Behind The Stick:

My my, does Matt Booth or Abe Dababneh ever get a chance to rest? If you have not heard the news yet, Smoke Inn is releasing yet another addition to their extensive Micro-blend collection and this time with Room 101 cigars! This cigar being dubbed the “Big Delicious” is slated for national release April 26th, 2013. Now – while this is another ‘pre-release’ review I have been promised that the cigars to be released are identical, so thats always a good thing! I can go into how this cigar is going to be produced at the Tabos Rancho Jamastran factory in Danli, Honduras, the ‘secret’ binder and filler combinations or the “high grade Habano 2000 wrapper” but if you have read the Press Release, then you already know all this!

If you are wondering about the other cigars that have been released in the Smoke Inn Micro-blend series they are: Tatuaje “Anarchy”, Padron SI-15, My Father “El Hijo”, Arturo Fuente “Solaris” and the Tatuaje “Apocalypse” all reviewed here at The Cigar Nut.

Onto the damn review!


If you are familiar with the quality of the cigars that are released from either of these two gentlemen, then having a cigar released by both just means double the level of perfection! To a certain degree perfection may be a stretch, but one has to admit, these cigars are just flat out sexy. Evenly packed from head to foot, these slowly tapering torpedo cigars actually have a velvety feel to them and the shaggy foot brings thoughts of cigars from the past. The head clipped well, the draw was open with a slight bit of resistance ( a little more open than I prefer but not excessively ) and the cigar burned evenly – albeit slowly – which isn’t always a bad thing!


This is the most important part right?! Does the ‘Big Delicious’ really deliver a delicious flavor profile? Well – to answer quickly – for me, yes it did. If you are a fan of the Room 101 Honduran ‘style’ then you are going to fall in love with this cigar – if you are not then you may still be surprised at how well the blend fits together.

The Big Delicious starts off with an ‘in your face’ yet refined mix of wood, nuts, pepper and an overall ‘floral’ touch to it. This ‘blast’ is short lived for once the tobacco has a chance to warm up a bit, The Big Delicious starts to impart a rich and full flavor mixture of defined cedar, spicy pepper and a ‘creamy’, cooling feel to the smoke itself.

The second third gives way to a more fruity and floral mix with the cedar, pepper and ‘sweet’ hints that really make this cigar shine. This is the complex part! Some have mentioned that it is a mix of ‘apple, anise, raisin” and while I am not good enough to pick out those subtle flavors, I can say that many times I was able to take a draw, swirl the smoke around my taste buds and was rewarded with a varying degree of sweet, creamy, spicy, peppery and overall “damn this is good”!

Unlike many cigars of this stature, the final third of this cigars life did not bring the expected “dark” variations of the flavors but rather an increase in spice, sugary or molasses like flavors and an in the back of your jaw ‘tart’ sensation.


I have never been one to sugar coat my feelings for Smoke Inn or Room 101 cigars and their cigars – I find that they ‘usually’ fit right in line with my preferred flavor profile, which keeps me coming back. When I heard that Matt and Abe were teaming up for a cigar, comic strip and release party – I had to find out more. Even seeing glimpses of the cigars, people talking about them or speculating about what is to come, none of it was enough to prepare me for this cigar.

Matt and Abe made a phenomenal cigar – and for my regular readers you know this is not a statement I throw around without proper cause. The history of the cigar, the people involved, the construction, the burn, the flavor profile and even the price ( under 10 bucks a piece ) really make this a hard cigar not to endorse. I personally will be saving up and buying a box of these on the April 26th release date. If you have had a chance to smoke one please let me know what you thought – if you have not, I highly recommend you picking one up in the next month!

~ Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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