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Cigar Review : Room 101 Masters Collection One Papi Chulo

Behind The Stick:

With the continued success of Room 101, Matt Booth and the Davidoff umbrella, a special ‘Masters Collection’ has been released making it his eleventh full release in two years – one that has been described as “the most premium Room 101 offering to date”. The Box has a very simplistic feel to it, a black background with a stylized cherry blossom that is said to represent the ever-changing seasons that are experienced throughout one’s lifetime, as well as the concept of a short but beautiful life.


Matt Booth stated, “The Room101 Master Collection One consists of Mexican San Andrés Ligero Rosado wrapper, Honduran Corojo Corte #3 binder and filler blend of Honduran Corojo, Nicaraguan Habano Ligero and Mexican San Andrés Ligero.” With a limited run of 100,000 cigars, each size will only have 20,000 cigars produced. While this is not a ‘new’ release at the time of this writing, the Master Collection Two has been released. While there is not a huge background story on these, the proof is in the cigar not the history. Enough rambling, onto the review!

Size: Papi Chulo ( 4 x 42 )

Vitolas Produced: Monstro ( 5 x 60 ), Sucio ( 7 x 48 ), Mutante ( 7 x 38 ), Roxxo ( 4 x 48 ), Papi Chulo ( 4 x 42 )

Vitola Sampled: Papi Chulo ( 4 x 42 )

Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés Rosado

Binder and Filler: Honduran Corojo Corte #3 and Honduran Corojo, Mexican San Andrés Ligero & Nicaraguan Habano Ligero


Price: $8.00 ( Box of 50 – $400.00 )

Factory / Country of Origin: Agroindustrias Laepe, S.A. – Honduras

Release Type: Limited – 400 boxes of 50 ( 20,000 cigars produced )

Release Date: October 2013



If there is one thing I have to say about Room 101 cigars, it is that they are always nearly flawlessly constructed. Evenly packed from head to foot, the milk chocolatey almost wet brown bag colored wrapper gave off the character that is the Room 101 brand. The toothy grittiness with a velvety smooth hue that may not burn razor sharp – but it doesn’t care. A well placed triple cap and a subtle black and silver offset band are only overshadowed by a mildly splotchy wrapper, full of minimal veins and a visible seam that reinforce that this cigar is just itching to get close to a flame. The burn was fairly erratic the entire smoke but never ‘out of control’ while the copious amounts of smoke produced from this little helped to overshadow any issues.



Right from the start there is a certain ‘spice’ that makes itself known, more like a heat pepper flavor than a black pepper spice. Cocoa, earth, roasted peanuts and a healthy does of cedar not only begin this cigars journey, but push through with varying intensities of these flavors from beginning to end providing a very enjoyable ‘background’ to this complex smoke. Near the middle of the cigars life which also happened to be the first ash, there was a quick ‘crack’ of white hot pepper on the retrohale followed by a coffee note that was only hinting at it’s existence before the ash. The classic cigar flavors of earth, cocoa, coffee and leather came to the foreground in the final potions of the final third, it could have been from tar build up or just my pallet fizzing out but the last flavors I received from this cigar were not what I would consider great.



There is a certain level of refinement to the flavors that the Room 101 Masters Collection One provides, especially from the beginning of this cigars life. I do not know how to explain it but it would be like eating a McDonalds burger vs a Gourmet Restaurant burger – they are both burgers but one is more ‘refined’ than the other… more savory than the other… better, than the other. This is how I feel about the Room 101 Masters Collection One in respect a few of the other cigars that Room 101 has produced, even with a slightly bitter finish on each one I have had.



The look, the feel, the ‘style’ that is Room 101 has been captured in a very aptly named, Masters Collection. I am sure when Matt thinks about all the cigars under his reach, the Masters Collection will hold a special little spot for being what it is. If you are a fan of any of the Room 101 line, if you are looking for a hidden gem or if you simply are a flavor hunter and are looking for a complex yet affordable smoke I have to recommend picking up a few of these. Even with their limited production nature I would suggest a 1/4 or 1/2 box split vs grabbing a full box to sit on – even though I really enjoyed these and will save a few to smoke later in life, you can only have Kobe so many days in a row, until it’s just another meal.

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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