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Cigar Review: Siempre Tamboril

Siempre Tamboril is the product of collaboration between Henderson Ventura, (of Tabacalera William Ventura), and Tony Bellato, (Co-Founder of Lost & Found Cigars, formerly Improptu Cigars).

One thing that you’ll notice is the use of an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper in this cigar, which has raised questions for some in the past. Ecuadorian Connecticut tobacco is simply Connecticut seed tobacco grown in Ecuador. Why Ecuador? Well, if you’ve ever seen shade grown Connecticut tobacco being grown, you’ll notice that there are cheese cloths draped over the tobacco during the growing process. This is to diffuse the sunlight which results in a thinner, even colored tobacco leaf with smaller veins. Because Ecuador is typically quite cloudy, there is no need for the cheese cloths to diffuse sunlight, which makes growing “shade grown” Connecticut tobacco much more viable in Ecuador. This also produces a slightly more intense flavored tobacco which many cigar manufacturers tend to desire in a wrapper for cigar with Dominican filler & binder.

Siempre Tamboril Cigar

Vitola: Toro (6×50)

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Dominican Seco
Filler: Dominican Corojo & Habana Vuelta Abaja

Appearance: At first glance, the Siempre Tamboril might be easy to look over as it has no band or any defining features; however, there’s that saying about books and their covers and a judge or something along those lines… The light beige-brown wrapper has a few minor veins, a little bit of tooth and even seams. It bears a solid triple cap and gives just enough when rolled between the fingers.

Pre Light: The Siempre Tamboril has a rather open cold draw which provides notes of fresh earth, salt, and cedar.

First Third: The first third of the Siempre Tamboril is filled with flavors of rich cream, pine nut, and leather with a subtle vanilla note on the finish. The retrohale provides a touch of cinnamon spice along with an indistinct “smoky” taste. The construction on this cigar is great; the ash is holding tightly with an even burn through the first third and each draw provides a rich mouthful of smoke. This is a medium bodied, medium strength cigar through the first third.

Siempre Tamboril Cigar first third review

Second Third: As I come to the second third of the Siempre Tamboril, much of the rich cream from the first third has faded which makes for a somewhat dry smoke. The pine nut flavor becomes more prominent and is accompanied with notes of oak and white pepper with an umami note on the finish. Surprisingly, much of the cinnamon has left the retrohale which is now filled with toasted oak and subtle black pepper. The Siempre Tamboril has increased slightly in strength and body during the second third and now stands at the higher end of a medium body, medium strength cigar. The construction remains nearly flawless with the burn line staying even and the ash falling about every inch or so.

Siempre Tamboril Cigar second third review

Final Third: Now that I am into the final third of the Siempre Tamboril, one word comes to mind: progression. There is nothing idle about this cigar; it is constantly transitioning as it progresses towards its inevitable end. The changes are not sudden however; the flavors and body all transition beautifully. The pine nut and subtle smoky flavor from the first third transition into a prominent toasted oak and nutty profile into the second third with white pepper which all lead into a bold final third filled with notes of toasted walnuts, allspice, and black pepper with umami remaining on the finish.

Siempre Tamboril Cigar final third review

Overview: The Siempre Tamboril reminded me in some ways of the Davidoff Special Series cigars, in terms of flavor. It embodied many of the traditional Dominican tobacco flavors while still standing out from the traditional Dominican cigars. The construction was solid throughout and only got hot towards the last inch or so, at which point I put it down. The flavors were great and I loved the complexity to this cigar. It never exceeded a high medium in strength which made for a great afternoon smoke.

I smoked two cigars for this review and my total smoking time averaged 74 minutes.

Siempre Tamboril Cigar nub review

Closing Thoughts: With all of the new boutique cigars coming out on the market, each claiming to be the best, most unique, etc… it is difficult to know which ones are truly worth a try. Of course, each one of our palates is different, but I would certainly recommend trying out the Siempre Tamboril if you enjoy complex, medium bodied cigars. As I’ve always said, smoking cigars is an adventure filled with experiences; each cigar its own experience to create such an adventure, both pleasant and sometimes not so much, but an adventure nonetheless. So go on and adventure, try new cigars, you might not love every one, but there’s nothing like finding a new favorite!


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