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Cigar Review: Studio Tobac Reckoning

Behind The Stick:

Some of you may be looking at this cigar and thinking “I swear that I have heard that name before” but are unable to place exactly where you heard it. Studio Tobac was previously the entity that was known for the Cain and NUb lines as well as a spattering of test blends. Well, as all things in life – they have grown and changed and are now producing their own cigar! Like so many companies within the cigar industry, they are ‘braking the mold’ by creating very unique and different cigars to focus on that full flavor, full body cigar that the American market has been begging for. Supposedly after working with Oliva for a year, the Studio Tobac line has found they were missing an essential component to their full body cigar, the Ecuadorian Habano along with their Mexican San Andrés binder. If you go after the marketing hype, their build off the ‘day of reckoning’ may turn a few of the novice smokers off but rest assured, here at the The Cigar Nut, we fear no cigar! Onto the review!


Size: 5 x 52 Robusto

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder and Filler: Mexican San Andrés binder and Nicaraguan Ligero filler

Strength: Full

Price: $7 to $8 USD

Factory / Country of Origin: TABOLISA

Release Type: Regular

Release Date: February 2014



A mottled, toothy, medium brown and almost velvety look – the Studio Tobac Reckoning certainly has an appearance worth taking note of! The head clipped easily and the foot took to flame just as it should. Whiled the cigar was evenly packed it felt a pit “soft”, not underfilled by any thoughts but it was lacking a level of firmness that I was expecting. The cigar burned without any touch ups, draw was perfect with just a small level of resistance, held a long firm ash and produced copious amounts of smoke. What more can you ask for?!



The most important part right?! The spice – woo wee that spice! A very Garcia-esque pepper blast starts the Studio Tobac off with a rush that not only got my senses but also perked me up in my chair. After the initial 1/2 inch of pepper and pepper, this cigar calmed down to show a level of refinement of wood, leather and espresso that not only shined through the pepper backbone, but seemed to work with it. While not the most dynamic of flavor profiles, this core transitioned into a semi-sweet cocoa – similar to bakers chocolate – while retaining the espresso and leather notes and picking up this creamy sweet wood finish that I have never tasted in a cigar before.



I know while writing this review that a lot of people are going to give me shit, especially with how well of a performer I feel this cigar is. To preface this, I am a fan of Oliva, the Cain and the Nub line as well as the pepper blast that Garcia is famous for so when I found out that Studio Tobac was coming out with a cigar of their own, I had to try it. I will admit this cigar does not have the level of refinement that some of Oliva’s cigars have but when it is essentially the house blend for Cigars International, what do you expect? If you are like me and enjoyed the Cain cigars then this first run from Studio Tobac provides a similar experience but with a more flavorful delivery. I feel the marketing behind the cigar drums up mixed emotions and even turns some people off to the cigar but if you can power through the marketing foils, you are in for a very enjoyable experience. If you have had a chance to try one let us know what you think!

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