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Cigar Review : Tatuaje CiGWAR

Behind The Stick:

There are certain cigars that come on to the radar out of no where and just grab you by the balls and make you buy them. This was the case with me – I have been a GWAR fan since a grade school buddy and I would secretly watch Beavis And Butthead and then blast the rock videos whenever we could get away with it. I knew as soon as I found out these existed, I had to pick some up – if nothing but for the personal nostalgia behind the GWAR band.


I saw the post come across Facebook – Pete Johnson of Tatuaje is working with GWAR to produce a limited edition, exclusive release of a 3 pack of cigars in a cardboard dress box – and I had to buy one. The Cigar Nut originally reported on the CiGWAR Release August 9th, 2014. These were released at the 5th annual GWAR event (GWAR-BQ ) in Richmond Virgina on Saturday, August 16th, 2014. Of course the cigars were initially released at the BBQ at for $34.99 plus local tax but the remaining cigars were listed on Havana Connections website and sold out within hours. Details are still being released as far as the binder, filler and wrapper but The Cigar Nut will be updating this review as details are released!

** It Has been rumored that due to the overwhelming success – there may be a second run. This has NOT been confirmed **



Vitolas Produced:

Vitola Sampled:

Wrapper: Nicaraguan?

Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan?

Strength: Medium to Full

Price: $34.99 plus local taxes at BBQ, $40.00 online at Havana Connections

Factory / Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Release Type: Exclusive – GWAR BBQ Show – 1000 of the 3 count boxes produced ( 3000 cigars total )

Release Date: Saturday, August 16th, 2014


I don’t think I have ever had a cigar from Tatuaje that did not have top notch construction and a level of quality that only enhances the brand name. Evenly packed from head to foot, the wrapper was a bit more inconsistent and contained more veins than I had expected. The unfinished foot was a very nice touch and made lighting the cigar a sinch but even with this extra bit of character, the wrapper still looked ugly. Cosmetics and opinions aside – the dark and oily cigar truly performed without any issues – just as intended. The band was a re-print of the image on the front of the box and I will admit there were some fine details ( lines between the teeth ) that were lost in the transition, but then again that has nothing to do with how it smokes – right!?



The most important part . . Well – The Tatuaje CiGWAR definitely starts out just as loud as the band! With a hazy mixture of Cedar and an almost ‘paper’ like wooden background the classic Tatuaje pepper becomes apparent right out the gates. A mild sweetness is noticeable for the first few puffs although it quickly dissipates into the distance. There was this bitter sweet quality to the spice which seemed to just hang at the bottom of the sinuses, slowly yet relentlessly increasing with intensity throughout the entire cigar. While this hanging spice increased, there was also a slight tingle on the sides of my tongue that would also ebb in and out with intensity throughout the smoke. Very unique to say the least.

The 2nd and final third carried on with similar background flavors but after the first ash the finish ( after taste ) brought on an almost bread like component to it. I do not know quite how to describe it – not like toast, not like sourdough, not like wheat but there was a flavor that was eerily reminiscent of ‘bread’ which surprisingly went very very well with the notes the CiGWAR was already producing. The sweetness completely faded from view yet this baking chocolate “coco” appeared – without all the chalky aspects. While of course the flavors in the final third took on darker ‘notes’ of the flavors previously described – I also picked up a ‘tang’ at the back of my tongue that simply did not belong.



I really like GWAR and am a big fan of Tatuaje Cigars and pretty much any cigars that Pete Johnson has been a part of so I will admit when I walked into the CiGWAR I was expecting an amazing, knock out of the park cigar. With Dave Brockie’s death, the GWAR-B-Q and the release of the CiGWARS – there was a lot going on in conjunction with the release. While each cigar is a bit ‘pricey’ at the 11-14 each range – this is one of those things that many people will purchase and hold onto, intact, for the collecting value alone.

As far as the cigar itself – I would buy another 3 pack in a heart beat. The packaging is amazing – the art on the box and the band are dead on with the rest of the GWAR feel yet also do not detract from Tatuaje’s brand. The flavor profile was good but I would not put it up there in my top 5 of the year only because as some other have already pointed out, perhaps the cigars need to rest a little. There was little to no heads up on this release from Pete, GWAR or really any media outlet and details have been difficult to acquire since the release – but suffice to say this was either a rushed project or an unpublicized release from two very publicized entities.

Long story short, I would buy another 3 pack to sit on and enjoy throughout the next year but this is not a cigar I would put on the list with my ‘white whale’. If you have had a chance to enjoy the Tatuaje CiGWAR please let us know your thoughts!

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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  1. Tim Smart

    Spot on review Dave, mine started off like a kick to the groin, spice/pepper/ lip tingle the whole Tat enchilada right from the get go. Luckily it tapered off and settled down and I was able to regain my composure. Overall I enjoyed the smoke, and agree these do need 6 months to a year to hit their stride. I’ve got a stash in the back of the humidor lurking, waiting to come out next year and seek revenge on their brothers!

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