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Cigar Review: The Candela Series Pt. 3: Arturo Fuente 858 Claro

The 858 Claro is one cigar that I am finding has little information out on it.  The 858 Claro is part of Arturo Fuente’s core line 858 series, along side a maduro, sungrown, and natural.  Fuente has been a household name for cigar enthusiasts for over 100 years now.  I would assume that the candela wrapper was at one time a top seller back when it was the cigar of choice for American consumers.  So much has changed in the industry since then and I’m betting this isn’t the same cigar your Gramps puffed on.  Today the 858 Claro will finish out our 3 part candela series, we hope you all have a happy and safe St. Patrick’s day!

Vitolas: The 858 Claro comes in a single vitola, a 6.25×47 Lonsdale.  The Claro is available in boxes of 25 with a $5.50-$6 price tag.

Blend: Wrapper: Connecticut Claro (Candela)

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican


Appearance:  The 858 Claro is a pale muted green color, the band is the standard 858 band with a green stripe at the bottom.  The cigar appears to be well put together but the wrapper does seem very fragile.  I also notice quite a bit of glue on the wrapper.  The foot seems packed well and over all the cigar shows me nothing too concerning.

Pre-Light: The 858 Claro has some mild sweetness on the nose with some grass notes from the wrapper.  The foot of the cigar gives a hint of cocoa, and the cold draw gives earthy and floral flavors.

1st Third:  The Arturo Fuente 858 Claro opens up with very mild flavors, just a bit of grass with a very faint white pepper.  Further into the 1st third notes of toasty bread begins to come through and the pepper notes pick up.

2nd Third: The pepper almost disappears as I move into the second third of the 858 Claro.  The toasty notes are still very alive though with just a hint of grassy floral like flavors.


Last Third: The last third of the 858 Claro really fell apart flavor wise.  I found the flavors to become harsh and intolerable.  The construction remained good, but the flavors really were a turn off.

Construction:  The Arturo Fuente 858 Claro was a very well constructed cigar, I found no flaws during the smoking of it.  The candela wrapper was very delicate but never had any issues with cracks or holes, I was very pleased with how the construction performed, true to what we expect from Arturo Fuente.

Burn: The burn had a few issues in the first third but after a short touch up was sharp as a razor and never faltered there after.  The smoke produced was great and the cigar had a nice grey ash that held well and was not flaky at all.


Final Assessment:  Looking at this cigar as a whole I think it is just another cigar, nothing stood out and wowed me.  With that said, the first two thirds were the only ones that I found to be smokeable, and they were enjoyable.  The cigar was mild in strength and flavor.  There was very little complexity but the flavors were there.  If you are a smoker who is looking for power and complexity then steer clear of this one, although if you are looking for a very mild smoke it may be worth trying one, I would not suggest investing in more though until you decide for yourself.

-Brandon K.

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