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Cigar Review: TL Johnson Legend Reserve 63 Maduro

Terry Johnson is not just a name in the fishing industry anymore, he has hit the market hard with a brand of cigars called TL Johnson. TL Johnson cigars are being distributed out of Colorado and are a market staple here in Texas shops. Johnson has several lines within the brand and today I am reviewing the Legend Reserve 63 Maduro.

The Legend Reserve 63 line is a Peruvian ligero and Nicaraguan Habano seco with a Honduran binder wrapped in either a Habano wrapper or a Maduro. The TL Johnson website does not list the origin of the maduro wrapper but a good source has told me that it is a Mexican San Andreas. The line comes in five vitolas; the 5×50 Robusto, 6×50 Toro, 6×60 Gordo, 6.5×52 Torpedo, 6×46 Corona, and the 7×50 Churchill. The tobacco for this line is aged 5 years and the cigars have a slight box press and all retail for about $7.50.

For this review I smoked the Toro size which was what I consider a perfect Toro, not too large of a ring gauge. The cigar was wrapped in a beautiful maduro wrapper, a rich chocolate coloring with a nice oily sheen. There were no soft spots noticed or imperfections to the wrapper. The pre-light rendered very earthy flavors and smells as well as nice tobacco notes. I used a punch cut on the cigar and gently toasted it with a torch. The cigar lit very easy and produced a nice amount of smoke.

As I got into the cigar the first third began with just a touch of red pepper spice, not over powering though. Along with the spice early on came an earthy sweetness I could not quite put my finger on, it was very pleasant though. Mid way through the first third these flavors were joined by a very rich espresso coffee flavor which really complimented the sweetness well. As the first third began to close out I began to pick up a dry dark cocoa flavor that blended very well.

In the second third I found the red pepper beginning to diminish and a baking spice came through. I would describe this as a mix of nutmeg and cinnamon. The coffee flavors, which I assume are from the San Andreas wrapper, were also very noticeable, but not as rich as they were in the first third. These flavors reminded me of a cup of coffee on a nice winter morning.

The last third was dominated by coffee, a coffee that became stronger and darker as the cigar progressed. By the end there was no sweetness left and the flavors were that of a dark strong espresso. The only flaw I found in the last third was that the cigar began to burn a bit warm which led to just a small amount of harshness.

The TL Johnson Legend Reserve 63 Maduro was a solid medium bodied cigar that could go great with a cup of coffee and still hold up to bourbon or scotch. This cigar was well made with a construction rating of an A+ and an A burn due to a few touch ups that had to be made. I think that this cigar would be a great addition to any cigar smokers rotation, flavorful and complex for a veteran yet smooth enough for new smoker. I’m going to rate this cigar as worthy of keeping a 5 pack on hand and I am very intrigued to see what is to come with future TL Johnson releases.

-Brandon K

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