Cigar Review : Viaje Oro Fuerza Collectors Edition 2012

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Viaje Oro Fuerza Collectors Edition 2012

Size: 5 x 52 Perfecto
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo ’99
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Full
Price: $225 a box of 25/ $10 singles

Viaje Oro Fuerza Collectors Edition 2012

Behind The Stick:

I know – I know… With my disdain for limited edition cigars, why would I even look at a Viaje cigar yet alone a COLLECTORS Edition from that company? Well – I received the Oro Fuerza in a cigar bombing so I can still say I have never spent a dime on a Viaje cigar but I also have to admit ( sorry for the spoiler ) this was the cigar that made me look at Viaje maybe… just maybe in a little better light. Before I start getting bashed by the Viaje brotherhood, my emotions towards limited edition cigars was perfectly said at the 2013 IPCPR show – “There is no such thing as limited tobacco, it is only limited as to how much you buy”. That being said, Viaje has been an extremely lucrative operation and if they found something that works and works well – can’t really knock them for that. My ‘review’ hat goes off to them, my ‘consumer’ hat still needs a little convincing – lets see if the review can change my mind!


Viaje Oro Fuerza Collectors Edition 2012


I absolutely love perfecto shaped cigars – then add to that the Viaje band ( which looks good on all of their cigars ) and the Collectors Edition band at the foot, there is no way you are going to lose this in the humidor. The cigar was evenly packed from head to foot – if I had to be nit-picky I would say it felt extremely firm. The head clipped without issue but the foot, even with the small surface area, took a bit of love to get going. The burn was dead on, ash held on ‘decently’ and both bands removed with minor picking and prying. All in all – not bad.

Viaje Oro Fuerza Collectors Edition 2012


If you are a fan of Nicaraguan tobacco your going to know exactly what I am talking about and you may just start to drool. Deep yet rich and hearty earth notes dominate this cigar while that classic ‘bite’ of spice is ever present. Once this cigar got started this earthy and spicy goodness was aided by this slight, almost deceptive sweetness that was present but not out in the foreground. Around the mid way point this cigar really came into its own, the earthy sensations remaining true while the spice had switched places with the sweetness – an almost mellowing effect as a dark coffee flavor added to the theatrics at hand. It was around this point also that the cigar started producing thicker and thicker amounts of smoke giving the cigar an almost creamy sensation making the flavors pop that much more.

Viaje Oro Fuerza Collectors Edition 2012


The Viaje Oro Fuerza Collectors Edition 2012 is a perfect example of why I hate limited edition cigars so much – I loved it but trying to find more is going to equal pulling teeth or paying a premium for the rarity of a rare cigar produced by a company that makes rare cigars. . . I just hate the logic behind that crap. Even though I have personally never given the Viaje company a dime of my money ( and I do not plan on it in the future ) I am happy that I was able to try this cigar. It smoked good, tasted great and def looks great in the humidor. If you are able to locate them at a reasonable price or if you are one of those ‘rare’ hunters I have to recommend picking up one or two but if you are looking for a cigar to add into your regular rotation for years to come – look otherwise. If you have had one please let me know your thoughts!

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