Cigar Review : Viaje Satori “Zen” Limited Edition

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Cigar Review : Viaje Satori Limited Edition

Viaje Santori Limited Edition

Size: 6 3/4 × 52
Wrapper: “Select” Oscuro
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Full
Price: $11-13 each

Behind The Stick:

I am sure you all have at least heard of Viaje and if not – I can only suggest a google search as this review is going straight into the Viaje Satori Limited Edition! Satori comes from the Buddhist meaning of enlightenment. While Kensho is ‘just a glimpse’, Satori is considered to be a much deeper spiritual experience. To keep with the limited edition “Exclusivity” stigma that Viaje is known for ( some love it but I personally am not a fan of “Limited Edition – but I digress ) it appears that the Satori cigars are a ‘regular production item that is only rolled once a year’. I have heard of some shops selling out in a few months while others still have full boxes from last year. Either way – if your wanting to join the Viaje bandwagon, is this the cigar to do so with!?

Viaje Santori Limited Edition

Viaje Santori Limited Edition


One thing I will give Viaje is that their cigars are almost always mirror images of one another. Evenly packed from head to foot, this rock of a cigar carried a dark – almost black wrapper that does carry a few veins and ‘splotch-iness’ but again – nothing that makes me concerned about the upcoming performance. The cigar clipped easily, took a little love to get started but rewarded me with a thin-lined mascara burn. I had one minor run at the half way-ish point but never needed a touch up.


The most important part of the review right?! This cigar – right from the start – produces some of the thickest, milkiest smoke I have seen in a while. The smoke was creamy yet pleasant without drying out my mouth “too much” all while delivering a barrage of different flavors. Cream, tea and a mild ‘spice’ start the cigar off with the undertones of natural, dark tobacco.

Viaje Santori Limited Edition

As I got into the cigar a bit more, the chocolate notes I smelt on the pre-light become apparent in the flavor department – mixing and balancing well with an earthy, leathery and molasses combination that gave that bitter sweet combination that is so hard to find in a cigar. These flavors ebbed and flowed with intensity but just as I had noticed the black pepper was disappearing it was replaced with a bread like – almost cereal type quality. I would not say the cigar ‘fizzled out’ but the last portions of the cigar lost the complexity and began to show signs of tar buildup.

Viaje Santori Limited Edition

Overall :

The Japanese and Buddhist understanding of the meaning ‘Satori’ is ‘enlightenment’ and while Kensho is ‘just a glimpse’ it is understood that Satori is a much deeper, spiritual experience while Zen is ( loosely from Sanskrit ) absorption or meditative state. The band encompasses this in flying colors – an image of Buddha ( I think ) in a meditative state all while being in appealing colors that stand out against the dark wrapper.

I have to admit – this was my first Viaje and while I refuse to jump on the Limited Edition bandwagon I think the Satori portion of the portfolio may get a few of my hard earned dollars. While the name Satori may open the door to a ‘deeper spiritual experience’ I think the Viaje Satori Zen has given me the cigar version of a ‘spiritual awakening’ – I would not say I bad mouth or bitch about Viaje cigars but I can honestly say I have never spent a dime on any of their cigars. I have traded cigars for Viajes and I have about 7 or 8 of them resting in my humidor and have no intentions on throwing them away – or smoking them anytime soon.

Viaje Santori Limited Edition

I hate finding a cigar that I love, only to realize the old ‘hope you stocked up because you cannot find them anymore’ scenarios. I took a leap with the Satori and – as a buddy ‘told me so’ I became hooked. If you are looking for a dark, full body, complex yet rewarding $12+ cigar then the Viaje Satori Zen should be added to the radar for your next purchase. If you have had the pleasure of trying the Viaje Satori Zen please let me know what you thought – if not, go out and find a single or a pair and give them a shot!

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

Viaje Santori Limited Edition

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