Cigar Review: Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge Corojo

The Cigar Nut

Size: 3 1/2 x 54
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Full
Price: ~ $7.00 usd each


Behind The Stick:

Even with my extreme hatred for limited edition cigars, I find myself being gravitated towards more and more cigars from Viaje – a brand that is not only known for limited production items, but for limited edition – limited production cigars. In life – we sometimes need to break free of the molds that we have created for ourselves and in this attempt, I have decided to move onto a cigar that has been sitting in my humidor for well over a year – the Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge. I could go into the history of this specific cigar, the variations between Corojo, Criollo and the Zomibe blends but that would only enable and exacerbate the “limited” and “rarity” of each so – onto the review!




Have I told you all how much I love unfinished cigar feet?! Even if the mottled dark brown and hues of black within the wrapper didn’t catch your eyes, the toothiness or dimples on the leaf aided by the unfinished foot make this a very rustic and appealing cigar even when sitting in the humidor. Oily, rich and full of that strong Nicaraguan tobacco smell – it is hard not to give this cigar a big thumbs up based on looks alone!



Black pepper! Woo wee – I am a huge fan of the pepper powerhouse and if you are like me, this pepper mixed with cocoa and pepper, tobacco and pepper, wood and pepper and did I mention there is a dose or two of pepper in there? Even with this cigar being so short – there is an impressive range of dynamics with the flavor, moving from this pepper bombardment towards a more refined sensation of burnt wood, chocolate, espresso, dark leather and a hint of sweetness just to keep things interesting.



Viaje has been making its way into my humidor more often than I would like to admit and while I still am able to say I have never spent a dime of my own money on a Viaje cigar – the Super Shot really has me debating. The size, flavors and ‘appeal’ of the cigar all fit into the kind of things I really prefer – but this puts me into the spin of why I hate ‘limited edition’ or limited production cigars in the first place. I like the super shots – Hell I even looked around for an HOUR to find a box of them but no matter where I searched, a box was no where to be found. Because of that “Ahh hah! Thats it!” moment followed by the “hope you enjoyed it because thats all you get” moment – Viaje still has not climbed the ladder for me, even with a cigar that performs exceptionally well. Without a doubt I recommend the Super Shot 10 Gauge, if you can find a single or even a box I cannot tell you to jump on it fast enough but with the “hard to find” stigma hanging over these cigars – its hard to actually pull the trigger. If you have had one before please let me know your thoughts – if not then def add this one to your radar!

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