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Happy New Year From The Cigar Nut!

With each year there comes a point of reflection on the past, celebrating the present and planning for the future – those of us who enjoy premium cigars and the social media community revolving around them add an extra layer that a significant portion of the world will never have the ability to embrace. The Brotherhood/Sisterhood Of The Leaf is an amazing thing, bringing people from a diverse range of backgrounds with their own preferences and life experiences to a certain point that not only creates a ‘buddy to chat with’ but a real life long friend.


Here at The Cigar Nut – we want to wish you all a very happy New Year full of great cigars, hearty laughs and of course – more reviews and news from the most trusted nuts in the industry! What better way to start of 2015 than to announce the winners for the Herrera Esteli Contest?!

We try to keep things simple when it comes to contests – With the latest contest Share a Review to Win Herrera Esteli Cigars, a simple comment mentioning which review you liked the most from The Cigar Nut in 2014 entered you in for 1 of 5 chances to win a 5 Pack of Herrera Esteli Lonsdales and one grand prize winner for a 5 pack AND a Crystal Herrera Esteli Ashtray!

The four winners of the 5 packs are:

Denton Gerow
Mark VanSledright
Drew Whittle

The Grand Prize Winner is. . .

Nicole Gugliemini!

Thank you again everyone for entering the contest – be sure to check back at The Cigar Nut often for more contests, news and reviews this year!

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One Thought to “Happy New Year From The Cigar Nut!”

  1. Nicole gugliemini

    Hi David? I go about. Collecting my winnings? I didnt receive any notice about winning & this is the first I’m hearing about it. I’ve had.a sick family member and haven’t been in the loop online and such. So, I’m sorry for the delay in my response. Thank you so very much btw. My email again is:

    Please let me know what I need to provide to you to collect… OMG, I’m so excited! Again, THANK YOU!!!

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