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La Imperiosa by Crowned Heads


For those of you who were avid cigar smokers in the early 1900’s, the La Imperiosa brand may seem familiar. La Imperiosa, which translates to “The Imperative,” was a Cuban cigar brand popular in the early 1900’s but discontinued likely in 1962 when Cubatabaco took control of the Cuban Cigar Industry and got rid of thousands of Cuban Cigar brands which were registered between 1810 when the registration of Cuban Cigar brands began and 1962.

But finally, over five decades later, La Imperiosa has been resurrected by Crowned Heads in 2015 following the success of their release in 2014 of the Las Calaveras. The La Imperiosa was released in the following four vitolas:

-Magicos (4.5” x 52)
-Dukes (5.5” x 54)
-Double Robusto (6.3” x 50)
-Corona Gorda (5.7” x 46)

Vitola reviewed: Corona Gorda (5.7” x 46)

Blend: The blend for the La Imperiosa is the same blend as Crowned Heads’ 2014 release of the Las Calaveras, which is as follows:

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan

Appearance: From the dark chocolate brown, oily wrapper to the beautiful band, this is a great looking cigar; quite regal in its appearance and appropriately so.

Pre Light: The cold draw provides notes of dried cherry, earth, leather and some spice. The cap comes off easily and the draw is perfect. Now, onto the good stuff!

First Third: To my surprise, there is very little spice up front, which seems rather untraditional for a Nicaraguan cigar. Instead, a pleasant blend of almond, cedar, and espresso notes fill the palate during the first third with charred oak on the finish. There are also hints of fig and plum as undertones during the first third. Now I usually find those sweeter fruit notes in cigars where the profile is very earthy or spicy to balance the profile out; however, in this particular blend these flavors act as notes to enhance the overall profile altogether. As for construction, the draw is open enough to allow adequate airflow for great smoke production, yet restricting enough for a pleasantly slower paced smoke. The cigar stands at medium in strength and body during the first third and burns very well.

Second Third: This is where things really get interesting in regards to the flavor. The second third of this cigar is where the entire profile begins its crescendo into a full bodied Nicaraguan smoke. Black pepper, walnut, and mineral notes take over the profile with a bittersweet chocolate on the finish as the cigar transitions very well into a fuller bodied, full flavored smoke at this point with a well defined profile of cohesive flavors.

Final Third: The overall flavor profile of the cigar remains during the final third, with nuances of red pepper and cinnamon accompanying the spice but never becoming overbearing or harsh. Black pepper, dark chocolate and leather notes are found on the retrohale with a subtle almond note presenting itself on the finish. The cigar remains medium-full in strength and body to the very last puff.

Overview & Closing Thoughts: After smoking the Corona Gorda, Magicos, and Double Robusto vitolas of this blend, I did find that I preferred the Corona Gorda as the flavors seemed to be the most identifiable and cohesive in this particular format. The cigar reminded me of a wine in terms of how the flavors were presented and well interconnected. In all, I was incredibly pleased and very impressed with the La Imperiosa from Crowned Heads; from the complex array of enjoyable flavors to the depth which was displayed in the blend.


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