NATO Show : E-Cigars, Future or Hype?

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E- Cigars – Are they the next greatest thing to happen to the cigar world or something completely different? Could it be possible that with the current technology on the market, that these Electronic Cigars will be producing flavors similar to our beloved Premium Cigars? Will you start seeing these products in your local Brick and Mortar or even at the local convenience store? Let me give you my first hand experience and some product highlights after coming back from the 2014 NATO show in Vegas.

While ‘vaping’ has recently become a very popular alternative to smoking cigarettes, the first E Cigar was produced over 10 years ago but for one reason or another, they have not taken off like the Electronic Cigarettes have. Some have speculated that this is due to the flavor – it has become very common to see E-Cigarettes in gas stations or super markets ranging in flavors from ‘natural tobacco’ all the way up to Cotton Candy or Pina Colada. With the market becoming more and more saturated with E-Cigarette companies I was very happy to see a number of them focusing on the Cigar smokers.

I will admit, when I first walked in the door I had a very limited exposure to E-Cigars and as my focus was on Premium Hand Rolled Cigars, I walked past the first booth two or three times before stopping to check them out. I had seen people talk about them online and has seen a few ads here and there but nothing really stuck.

As I rounded the corner I saw a gentleman sitting down, nose to a cellphone and a cigar hanging out of his mouth. He took a puff and a very faint tobacco scent lingered for about 5 seconds and disappeared. He looked up and saw me and while standing up, he put the cigar in his pants pocket. He began to tell me about his Tryst E-Cigars and how they are equal to 8 cigars, contain 2.4% nicotine, about the size of a robusto cigar and are flavored to be a medium body cigar. I had a few puffs and will admit, its not bad at all!

I quickly located another booth, this one the Cuban Logic – rated at 1500 puffs, 1.8% nicotine and was a bit larger in size but not quite a Churchill. The paper wrapper has a seam running diagonally from the foot up to the head, the same way our favorite cigars are rolled. The flavor was a bit more on the mild side and the finish a bit longer, possibly a great pair to some coffee.

The last E Cigar I came across was the NE Where Zero Nicotine “Watermelon”. Now – this is not a cigar flavored with watermelon, this is a true watermelon flavored cigar. Toro in shape, I can see this being perfect for a non-smoker who wants to “look the part”. With no nicotine content and flavored like watermelon ( reminds me of a jolly rancher ) it is a great alternative.

I really see these products taking off in the next couple years – the flavors are nearly there and the size/shape/feel is very accurate. I love the fact that you can take a puff or two and not stink up the car or where you can enjoy one in non-smoking but vape friendly atmospheres.

What do you think? Are E-Cigars the way of the future?

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  1. Not sure about E cigars. They seem like a royal thing ! But E cigs are surely gonna stay for longer. Try this one for better experience

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