Pre-Release Review: Iconic Leaf – Draconian

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5 x 50
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Maduro
Binder and Filler: Unknown binder – Brazilian, Piloto Cubano and Dominican filler
Strength: Medium to Full
Price: Unknown

Behind The Stick:

Some of you may remember back in March of 2012 I had mentioned a company on the horizon – Iconic Leaf – and how although shrouded in secrecy by two “well-respected legends” I warned everyone of my premonition of things to come. Well, in came the Recluse and for the most part – was loved by all who tried it ( myself include ). Fast forward a little over a year to April 2013 and we have the Iconic Leaf – Draconian. I had mentioned this name as well but even after speaking with the company they informed me it was a project down the road and had little to report aside from confirmation of the name.

The Draconian is slated to be released at this years summer convention in Las Vegas ( trade show for those PC people ) and if the Draconian is as well received as the Recluse – I see good things for the company. Enough of me rambling – onto the damn review!


Evenly packed from head to foot, the dark brown but ‘splotchy’ wrapper contained only one significant vein but it never caused me any issues. The triple cap was placed evenly and clipped without hesitation. If I had to say anything negative it would be that the cigar felt ‘airy’ – not under filled ( as you can tell by the picture of the foot ) but lighter in weight than I thought it would be.


Zip – bang – pow! What a pleasant mixture of spice, heat and ‘earth’ right from the start. Bold and in your face, the flavors are not the most dynamic but the first 1/2 of the cigar has this overwhelming ‘nice’ flavor and feel to the smoke ( almost creamy ) that keeps you drawing for more. Around the middle part, the flavors started to mellow out, the spice and heat dissipating and the overall feel of the cigar picking up on that ‘creamy’ sensation from before. The one thing I really enjoyed was that while many cigars seem to get saturated with the tar buildup at the last 1/4 of the cigar, making the flavors dip into a ‘darker’ profile – the Draconian did not exhibit this common issue, maintaining its flavors from start to finish.


If there is one word to describe this cigar – it would be consistent. Both samples I had were mirror images of one another in presentation, construction and burn. As well – both samples provided identical flavor profiles that left me with a smile each time. That being said – there was nothing that stood out overwhelmingly in favor or against the cigar. Depending on the price – this could be an amazing diamond in the rough – an excellent, well balanced cigar to enjoy when you can’t or don’t want to devote your full attention to it.

Keep your eyes open for the Iconic Leaf Draconian to be released at the summer trade show and hopefully in your local B&M shortly there after! I for one, will be picking up some ASAP!

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