Swisher International in actions to acquire Drew Estate

Amidst major acquisitions and partnerships in the industry recently, namely the Torano acquisition by General Cigar as well as Sam Leccia joining General Cigar, there has been some speculation as to whether Drew Estate would also be acquired and, if so, by whom.

As of August, two of our sources, who are both involved with Drew Estate, have confirmed that Swisher International is moving forward in their actions to acquire Drew Estate.

We have been informed that this acquisition will be kept out of the public eye for quite some time so as not to disrupt the current operations of either company. It has also been brought to our attention that Jonathan Sann, or as most of you know him, Jonathan Drew, will officially remain with the company for at least the next two years; his involvement beyond that time period is unknown to us at the present time.

Although this may come as a shock to many, this is not the first time that Swisher International and Drew Estate have been involved with each other.

Swisher International began diving into the premium cigar market in 2013 with their newest company, Royal Gold, headed up by long time executive at Swisher International: Alex Goodman. Most recently, Drew Estate created the Nirvana for Royal Gold. Upon this release, Jonathan Drew stated:
“Nirvana is extremely important to Drew Estate Tobacco Company for a variety of reasons. First, Nirvana will join our product lineup as one of only two brands that we produce for strategic partners. Second, our relationship with Alex Goldman is akin to that of a brother. When he hurts, we hurt. When he succeeds, our hearts are filled with pride.”
Also, Alex Goldman, President of Royal Gold stated:
“When I started Royal Gold at the beginning of 2013, my vision was to work with the best blenders and factories in the world to create our brands. Of course, Drew Estate was right at the top of the list. The talent and creativity of the Drew Estate team, combined with all the resources that Royal Gold, its parent company, and my own history in the cigar business, allowed us to create a truly special blend. The limited nature of the Cameroon wrapper will not allow us to produce all the cigars that we feel the market will demand, but you can be sure that neither Drew Estate nor Royal Gold will trade quality for quantity – we will keep the production limited to ensure the best possible product is delivered to our consumers. Both the Royal Gold and Drew Estate names and logos appear on the packaging, and as such we will always stand behind the quality of this product. This is just the first brand of what I hope will be a long term collaboration between Royal Gold Cigars and Drew Estate.”

It is apparent that these two companies have their reasons for partnering up and have intended, for quite some time now, to continue to work together, in one way or another.

Although it is not yet clear what Swisher International’s intentions are for Drew Estate after the acquisition, it has been suggested by both of our sources that Swisher International will likely cease production of the ever popular infused lines of cigars that Drew Estate has been producing. It is still unclear as to whether or not this is due to the most recent involvement of the FDA in the tobacco industry.

As we obtain more information regarding this story, we will continue to keep you updated!

What are your thoughts on this acquisition and the future for Drew Estate? Comment below and share your thoughts and opinions with us!

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  1. acefisher1

    Yet another “secret sources” article. Quit posting clickbait articles like this if you expect your website to be taken seriously. Or are you aiming to be some BS mill like the national enquirer?

  2. Jared Grillot

    JD disputes this personally, and isn’t amused.

  3. Justin Case

    I will believe the rumor is not true when I believe there is a Liga
    Privada that is coming out in 2015. Rather amusing how he does nothing
    but use social media to pitch out his BS and now has to use it to kill

    It’s no wonder Steve and Nick left DE when they did.

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