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Editorial: UGFest (Underground Cigar Festival) 2015

This has been a big year for a small cigar shop in Fort Worth, The Underground Cigar Shop. The shop just celebrated it’s 1st anniversary in October of 2014, then in November launched it’s first shop exclusive, the Catacomb from Black Label Trading Company, now a cigar festival? The Underground is quickly making a big mark on the cigar industry, the boutique industry in particular. The Underground is owned and run by Don Wiggins, a boutique cigar enthusiast who also runs a Facebook group dedicated to all things boutique cigar…

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Cigar News: Underground Cigar Fest Announced

Underground Cigar to Hold First Annual UG Cigar Fest January 16, 2015 By Donald Wiggins   FORT WORTH, TX – Local premium cigar retailer The Underground Cigar Shop announces its first annual UG Fest on March 21, 2015 at the Underground Compound, 3129 Erie St. in Fort Worth.  This event is designed to be one of the foremost cigar festivals in Texas as well as the United States.  Many of the Industry’s top boutique cigar manufacturers will be present, bringing blenders and owner/operators to interact with customers and answer questions….

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