The Nut’s Countdown 2014: #10

Our countdown of the top 11 cigars of 2014 continues, today we reveal The Nut’s number 10 cigar of the year!  Please note that a full review may not have been published yet for every cigar, but they are coming soon!

Recap of what we have so far:

David: #11 Dunhill 1907

Brandon: #11 Matilde Recanar

Maxwell: #11 Casa Fernandez Aganrosa Leaf Maduro Ilustre

And here are the picks for number 10:

David’s Number 10: Studio Tobac Reckoning: Being the CI houseblend I know I am going to catch some shit for putting this one on the list but being a huge fan of the Garcia-esque pepper bombs this cigar provides a Cain like backbone with a Garcia like pepper blast all while giving it’s own flavorful and unique creamy, sweet, woody and espresso note that is truly one of a kind.

Brandon’s Number 10: E.P. Carrillo 5th Anniversary: This cigar showcases a beautiful and flavorful Sumatra wrapper with notes of pepper, coffee and cream bundled with all the performance you  would expect from E.P. Carrillo.  See the full review here!

Maxwell’s Number 10: Crowned Heads Jericho Hill: The first time I had a Jericho Hill, I was not very impressed; it was good, but not great. After hearing so many good things about them, I decided to try another. And then another. And another. If it had just a little more age on it, I could see this definitely being on my top 5 cigars of the year, but I guess top 10 will have to do! I have several set aside that I plan on smoking mid-late next year to see if they do in fact “even out” with age, allowing the flavors to marry. Perhaps then they will reach their full potential. Click here for the full review.

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