The Nut’s Countdown 2014: Number 11

This year we Cigar Nuts will be bringing you our top 11 cigars of the year from now until New Years Eve!  Why 11 you ask?  Every one and their dog does a top 10,20,5 whatever list, but there are always the ones that got away!  Well, we decided to make sure that one cigar didn’t get away from our list, so we bring you 11 just to make sure we got all of our favorite smokes from the year in!  You may notice that some of the cigars on the list have not made appearances on The Cigar Nut yet, we only felt it fair to share them if they were smoked this year even if they get posted next year for full review.  We hope you enjoy our favorites and stay tuned for some possible contests running concurrent to these lists!


Here are the Number 11 (the one that didn’t get away) cigars from each of us for the year!


 David’s Number 11: 1907 Dunhill – Honorable Mention – While there was nothing ‘amazing’ about this cigar, it is an example of a cigar can be when it is done right, with an affordable price to match. General Cigar has been revamping a lot of their brands, if this is an example of things to come I see myself smoking more from 1907.

Brandon’s Number 11:  Matilde Recanar:  This is a great medium cigar that can be enjoyed by any level of cigar smoker.  This cigar was much anticipated for me and stood out, I just couldn’t let it not make the list.  Here is the review!

Maxwell’s Number 11: Casa Fernandez Aganrosa Leaf Maduro Ilustre: I’ll be honest, I haven’t smoked a lot of cigars from Casa Fernandez, but this one made me want to start. It was a very full flavored smoke but certainly not a ligero packed, full bodied pepper bomb, by any means. I always love trying cigars that utilize new and different tobaccos, especially when it’s done right and brings new flavors to the palate, which is why this cigar made my list for this year, but just barely.

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