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The Cigar Nut

Back into the swing of things – I am sure there are a few things I have missed but I guarantee that this round of The Nuts Newsworthy Notes will have a few ‘special’ bits of info! Why delay – time to get right into things!

Coabana cigars – another one of those cigar companies that I swear I have heard of before but I can’t find any information on them. The company registered their website on 8-18-12 but still to this day its not up and running. I was able to find out though, their formal ‘listing’ is for Cigar boxes; Cigar cases; Cigar cutters; Cigar holders; Cigar tubes; Cigar wraps; Cigars – another ‘encompass everything’ move in my opinion. The name is owned by Mario Rios ( director ) out of Miami Florida – lets keep our fingers crossed they have some impressive things to show us all soon!

Moving right along, Pura Soul Cigars from Rich Coast LLC has joined the group with “cigar boxes’ cigar cases; cigar wraps; cigars” and while they are not doing the ‘cover everything you can’ maneuver, I am worried that their main focus will not be on premium hand rolled cigars but rather other fascists of the business. Time will tell.

Dos Caballeros LLC – a Williamsburg Virgina based company appears to be creating a cigar that some of us may know – Don Pedro Ramos – yes, the baseball player. I am not sure if they are directly relating the cigar to his name or just taking liberties with it, but lets take a look at the band. What do you all think?

Then – onto a sad point in the cigar world, Dos Familias by Ortez y Turrent. It has been said ‘It might be compared to Bach and Beethoven collaborating on a symphony. Two legendary cigar families have combined their prodigious skills to create one awesome cigar” yet for some reason even with that backing, they have officially abandoned their name. “Omar Ortez and Alejandro Turrent, recognized in the industry for their prized tobaccos and excellent cigars, have blended the exquisite Dos Familias cigar in Nicaragua that features a hand- selected San Andrés Criollo wrapper. Dos Familias is a beautifully constructed cigar, loaded with intense, richly satisfying flavor – the culmination of the artistry and experience of two renowned cigar masters.” – I am not sure if they are in the process of renewal, but as of this moment – they are in the shitter.

To off set some of the bad news – have you wanted to give your dog a cigar but figured they are not going to be able to cut or light it properly? Well – I can’t condone giving tobacco to a dog, but ChewGars might have found a great ‘middle ground’ for us all! What do you think – running out to pick up some for your pups?!

Back to another ‘passing by the wayside” but this one from Miami Cigar Co, their “Smoke Tatiana, Flavor The Moment” appears to have the same fate as Dos Familias – although created and ‘official’ in 2008, the Miami Cigar Co has let their Tatiana ties fall into the ‘abandoned’ category. I am not sure if this is a blessing in disguise or if they will be revitalizing this name in years to come.

Moving into something I actually said “its about time” to – Jorge Armenteros ( the founder and op[erator of Tobaconist university ) appears to be starting his own cigar dubbed “R&D”. His original B&M shop is located in Princeton NJ and this also is the originating location for the R&D cigar. I am awaiting confirmation from him but it appears that Jorge has taken his knowledge and experience and may be directing it towards some cigars that we can all enjoy! What do you think about him joining the ranks?

For some of the old timers, do you remember the La Flor De Gercia y Vega? If you do, I give you credit because the name originally was signed back in 1913 – yeah, 100 years ago! Well, it appears that the Habana name is being brought back to life by none other than General Cigar! I sure do hope that they keep the old art work or at least keep with that feel – now to just see what cigars they produce to go with the name!

Thats enough for today but stay tuned for the next installment of The Nuts Newsworthy Notes!

~ The Nut Himself

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