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I really am trying to add to The Nuts Newsworthy Notes as much as possible but with a pregnant wife I am realizing that my ‘research time’ is quickly becoming ‘prepare for the baby’ time haha! Oh well, can’t win them all and even if you could – would you want to? Enough of that – your here for the news right!?

First one out the chute – The Outlaw Cigar Co out of Kansas City ( Overland Park to be exact ) has quite the reputation, aside from being large and having quite the selection – they are also producing their own run of cigars – the Gunslinger. Currently they have the Drifter and the Hangman being sold in their store and online. Well – it looks like the next on on their list is. . . the Wild West!

Moving right along – Costa Fuerte ( translated Strong Coast ) appears to be a new cigar coming out of the hands of Sean Williams ( yes, El Premier Mundo ). Sean has been reported talking about the project, Costa Fuerte will be available in three sizes, Robusto (5 x 50), Toro (6 x 52) and Lancero (7 x 38), with an MSRP around $9, plus applicable taxes. While the launch was originally spoken of being around March or April – I have yet to find any location selling them. Fingers crossed!

Have you ever heard of Miami Cigar Co ( ha! ) – well if you haven’t or if the joke missed you – continue. Miami Cigar Co has been known for releasing some ‘unique’ blends throughout the years, and if the name has anything to lead to the product – Nocturnal and Avantasia ( not the German heavy metal band ) may just be two to keep an eye out for. Of course, no info, pictures or confirmation at this time – so – speculate away!

Coyaba Cigars – my how time flies! I can remember almost a year and a half ago I first found out about this company and have seen quite a few updates through that time. New members of the company, new location and now – an almost finalized ‘new band’. I am never one to say some are dragging their feet, but I will say that I am very happy to see their products nearing completion! That – and I kinda like this style of band.

Panamonte – yeah, the Rum company. Well – it appears they may just be moving towards the cigar industry – if not in full force, a nice spin off. Back in 2011 they applied for a spin into the cigar world and while no real information has been discussed or released for production, country of origin or even parties to be involved – but I did snag a pic!

Lastly for this edition of The Nuts Newsworthy Notes – G & R Brands, LLC based out of Las Vegas Nevada appears to be joining the mix. Although a new company to the mix ( started April 28th ) I have not been able to receive a response from the company at this time. While I have not gotten the ‘I cannot confirm or deny’ response, I was able to snag a picture of the cigars. My opinion – I miiight just have to look into these a bit further once they hit the market.

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