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The Cigar Nut

Well, it has been a little bit since I have posted any of my findings from rooting through the mountains and mountains of legal paperwork out there so I figure, what better time than the present! We all know that the Premium Cigar world is always changing – New companies, new products, new locations and of course, new failures. Lets quit the bullshitting and get right into the news!

First on the list is The Leaf and Bean Cigar and Coffee company based out of Moon Township, Pa. Aside from their hillarious logo, it appears the owner had his appearance on one of the new Eddie Ortega “Wild Bunch” series – Island Jim! My crystal ball is telling me to keep an eye on this one.

Moving right along, next on the list is Rasputin Dynasty, based out of Glendale California, and no not Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin the Russian Mystic but of course a play on the name. A little bit of digging and I was able to locate the owner of the mark – Varujan Gabuchian. Now – with a name that unique you’d think a simple google search would provide all the info you need right? Not so much.

The company has been legally ‘around’ 2010 but I can not find a shit to confirm the identity/relationship. But – if my research proves correct, Varujan is 54 and produced two films “The Party Is Over” and a short film “Chicken on the pizza” but his name is also interlaced with Rasputin Vodka so between Vodka, Movies and Cigars – this guy might just be living the life! The Rasputin Dynasty is listed as: Cigar boxes; Cigar cases; Cigar cutters; Cigar humidifiers; Cigar lighters; Cigar tubes; Cigarillos; Cigars; Matches.

Next up is CST Enterprises, LLC – another new company out there ( May 2012 ) that really has not listed much if anything of their actual products but has one of those ‘encompass everything’ listings that just gets under my skin. I found one product shot but as soon as I find more I will post it. The CST Enterprise has direct ties to the Colibri group, a well known supplier of men’s accessories founded in 1928.

CST Enterprises, LLC
Cigar and cigarette lighters; cigar and cigarette lighter holders; cigar trimmers; cigar punches; cigar cutters; cigar clippers; cigar scissors; humidors for cigars; pocket humidors for cigars; clips for attaching cigar and cigarette lighters onto objects; computerized cigar and cigarette lighters; electric cigar and cigarette lighters; electronic cigar and cigarette lighters; flints for lighters; holder for a cigar and cigarette pack and lighter; liquefied gas cylinders for cigar and cigarette lighters; wicks for lighters; cigar and cigarette boxes; cigar and cigarette cases; cigar holders; cigar humidifiers; cigar storage tubes; cigar relighting liquid solution; smoking pipes; smoking pipe cleaners; smoking pipe holders, rests, racks and cases; ashtrays for smokers

Montero 1939 Totalmente a mano M 1939 Montero 1939 Totalmente a mano
Global Services 1939 Llc – now if that isn’t a mouth full of a name! Aside from the lengthy and repeating nature of the name, the owners name has become a slight thorn in my side – Pedro P Montero…. I know that I know that name but I can not place it for the life of me. Its not the former president of Paraguay and the name ( although unique ) is listed as a resident in New York, Floria and two places in California… either this guy has a problem with buying real estate or I am on a wild goose chase.

Either way – I was able to snag a picture of the band and a mystery person running the company or not – it looks pretty cool in my opinion.

Onto something – fun. Blue Voodoo is a company specializing in ( Wait for it ) – Sporting goods, namely, surf boards for surfing and paddling, stand up paddleboards, kites and kite boards for kite sailing, sail boards for board sailing, wakeboards, snowboards and waterskis; spring and band activated spearguns and spear gun spears for spear fishing, spear gun equipment, namely gear bags, fishing tackle, fishing tackle bags, fishing tackle boxes, and fishing tackle containers; equipment and accessories for use in connection with baseball, football, soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, lacrosse, wrestling, boxing, mixed martial arts fighting, gymnastics, track and field, archery, competitive shooting, rifle hunting, bow hunting and cheerleading, namely, balls, gloves, bats, bags especially adapted for sports equipment, lacrosse sticks, tennis racquets, golf clubs, golf tees, shoulder, shin, knee, chest, hand and elbow pads for sports, archery arrows, hunting arrow points and nets for sporting purposes; exercise balls; exercise equipment, namely, abdominal boards; exercise equipment, namely, resistance cables; exercise tables; exercise weights; exercising equipment, namely, weight lifting machines; jump ropes; manually-operated exercise equipment for physical fitness purposes; medicine balls; personal exercise mats; physical fitness equipment, namely, foot massage balls, calf stretchers, wobble boards, stretch tubing, foam rollers, inversion tables, kettle bells and pilates products; stretch bands used for yoga and physical fitness purposes; weight lifting benches; weight lifting gloves; yoga blocks; yoga boards; yoga cushions; yoga mats; yoga straps.

Yeeeah – but, I like the logo!

Another fun/unique one – Fedora Hand Made R. Fortich 1882 which is directly connected with Up In Smoke Cigars Inc. I was able to locate an Up In Smoke Cigars as a NY business entity but also a B&M in Texas carrying the same name. Neither entity is speaking of the Fedora cigar, but isn’t half the fun speculating?!

Palacious Cigars – Some may have heard the Santa Cruz Exp. Corp but while this is not a ‘new’ company it does appear they are currently expanding – now taking on the listings of Cigar boxes; Cigar humidifiers; Cigar lighters; Cigar tubes; Cigar wraps; Cigars; Holders for cigars and cigarettes. I guess when business is good – the only logical thing to do is expand!

Another new comer to the table, New Way Cigars owned by Remberto Estrella. I am not sure if this is a fictitious name but it has also been associated with a “Rembo” and Remberto is Director of Sales and EVP at Productos del Tabaco S.A. ( if I’m not mistaken, a company Altadis took to court over trademark issues ) Falling under the cigar humidifiers; Cigar lighters; Cigar tubes; Cigar wraps; Cigarillos; Cigars; Electric cigars; Tobacco; Tobacco, cigars and cigarettes categories… something for watch out for?

Until next time
The Nut Himself

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