The Real Cost Of Being A Smoker

Smoking, often seems like a cheap way to unwind at first, but little by little, the full price smokers have to pay for their habit shows itself to be one that is too expensive for many. Everyone knows that smoking can (and does) increase the cost of doctor’s visits, and can even raise the price of your health insurance. Generally speaking, when people talk about how expensive a habit smoking happens to be, they are talking about both the large sum of money smokers pay annually for their nicotine fix as well as doctors’ bills. They forget other issues that smokers often have to deal with – and some of them are quite surprising.

Cleaning Up Is A Mess

The problem with being a smoker, at least in terms of cleaning, is that it is exceptionally hard to keep the smell of burnt tobacco and tar out of your clothes, blankets, hair, and home. So, if you want to keep your home as fresh enough to keep those allergic to tobacco smoke comfortable in your home or car, you will need to invest a lot of time and money in your weekly cleanup routine. Believe it or not, those laundry bills and rug shampooing costs do add up quickly. And, if you do smoke indoors, you will have to deal with stained walls, musky furniture, and a higher level of dust and ash in your home’s environment. Hopefully, no guests will be too allergic to smoke when they visit you, but once in a while you will end up meeting someone who has serious problems with cigarette smoke.

Your Career Suffers

Another hard to remember fact about employers is that they are allowed to discriminate when it comes to a person’s smoking use. In fact, many employers generally will not hire a smoker if there is an equally qualified nonsmoker available. Smokers are more likely to earn less money in the same jobs as nonsmokers, and they are also more likely to be passed up for raises and promotions. Managers have even been known to get concerned about placing smokers in popular people-to-people situations, simply because there is a social stigma attached to smokers. Along with the higher healthcare costs managers have to deal with when hiring a smoking employee, it can be enough to keep someone from getting the job that they really wanted to get.

Social Situations Can Get Weird

Though it’s not always a problem, smoking can take a small toll on your social life as well. If you’re the only smoker in a group of nonsmokers, you will feel strange when you have to light up a cigarette alone outside. Dates who hate smoker’s breath may shy away from kisses. Smokers also have to deal with the rude comments of people who don’t smoke and are vocal about their dislike of the smell. Of course, physical issues that harm your ability to keep looking your best, such as wrinkles, are also commonplace among smokers. These kinds of costs are generally subtle, but over time they can get to be quite aggravating.

There’s no lie in saying that a smoking habit can cost a lot more than you’d bargained for. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t cut your losses by quitting the habit. After all, you have a lot you can lose by not quitting, as well as a lot that you can regain by ending the habit.  Visiting your family physician or scheduling an appointment with a new doctor may be just the push you need to quit smoking.

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